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We strongly recommend that you take out insurance for your pet. Veterinary fees can sometimes be high – due to sophisticated techniques and equipment being used more routinely to assist in the best treatment for your pet.

We recommend that you check all policies as many are available offering different levels of cover. We do recommend that you take out a policy which gives “lifetime” cover to prevent exclusions being added the following year should your pet be treated for any conditions which may be long-term or possibly reappear. Please talk to any of our staff for more help when choosing Pet Insurance.

Borden Lane Policy for Insured Pets and Claims

Direct Claims are not acceptable unless pre-authorisation has been obtained by us from your insurance company. This can take up to 7 days depending on the Insurance Company.

I need to make a claim, what do I do?

  1. Contact your insurance company and ask for a claim form.  These days you can also download them from their website or Direct Line they send us an emailed link.
  2. Please ensure completion of all ‘policyholder to complete’ sections as indicated on the claim form.
  3. The name of each illness or injury for which you would like to claim must be filled in before submitting to the practice for completion.
  4. The claim form MUST be signed by the policy holder/s.
  5. Please do not fill in any sections that are meant to be completed by the practice.
  6. An administration charge of £10*  will be charged for the completion of any NEW insurance claims, £5* for a continuation and £15* for Pre-Authorisation for a Direct Paid Claimor pre-authorisation forms.  The fee is payable at the time and on receipt of the claim form.  This fee is not usually paid for by the insurance company, although we will include the administration fee in all claims.
  7. Insurance claims will not be processed until the administration fee has been paid.
  8. We aim to submit claims once a completed form and fee payment has been made within 5 days.
  9. Following completion of your claim form we email where we can or post them and we keep a copy here for our records.

We would always advise that you familiarise yourself with the ‘small print’ of your insurance policy to avoid disappointment; some policies are more restrictive than others, most specify the maximum length of time you have from time of illness/injury to submitting a claim, and many have certain conditions that need to be fulfilled, e.g keeping pet’s vaccines current in order to make a successful claim.

Please remember that you, the client, have the responsibility for your insurance contract directly with your chosen insurance company.  Our staff are available to offer advice and guidance should you require their support.

*Inclusive of VAT and subject to change at any time