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At Borden Lane we recommend that you worm your pet on a regular basis from two weeks of age even if you do not see any signs of worms. This is important not only to protect your pet from worm infestations and their side effects but also from a public health point of view. Toxocara eggs and larvae can be picked up by children playing in parks and gardens, which can lead to serious health problems if ingested.

We stock a wide range of cat and dog worming products and our veterinary nurses will be pleased to advise which is the most suitable for your pet. If you find it difficult to administer worm tablets to your pets, they will be happy to do this for you at their nurses clinics free of charge.

British Small Animal Veterinary Association

The British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) strongly recommends that, companion animals are regularly treated against parasites, both internal (e.g. worms) and external (e.g. fleas, ticks, mites), in the interests of animal health and welfare and, in the case of zoonotic infections, to minimise the risk to human health.

The BSAVA also recommends that appropriate hygiene measures are taken (e.g. removal of faeces from the environment and hand washing) in order to reduce the risk of worm infection.

The BSAVA recommends that owners should consult their veterinary surgeon to discuss the appropriate prevention and treatment for individual animals.