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Healthy Pet Club

Budget monthly and save money

Borden Lane Healthy Pet Club has been specifically designed to provide routine preventative veterinary care that your pet will require throughout the year. As well as providing comprehensive pet care it allows you to budget in convenient and affordable monthly payments, including substantial discounts.

*First payment is taken at the practice, Puppy and Kitten vaccinations are discounted but not covered at your first visit, these are paid for and the following years Booster Vaccination and Health examination is included.

Individual plans: monthly fees*

  • Rabbit: £6.50
  • Cat: £15.46
  • XSmall Dog: £16.00
  • Small Dog: £19.00
  • Medium Dog: £21.00
  • Large Dog: £26.00
  • Giant Dog: £28.00

*All include VAT and are subject to change every 12 months

*When you sign up, the first monthly payment is taken at the practice and then your monthly payments will continue on either the 1st or 15th of the month thereafter.

*Discounts on neutering cannot be given on the same day of signing up as the process of signing up can take up to 3 days.

*Cancellation at any time, but please be aware this does not credit your account at the practice and any treatments had and the cost not covered will be recovered from yourself.

Enjoy a range of benefits too:

  • Annual Vaccinations and 15% Discount on additional ones (DOG/CAT)
  • Myxomatosis and Viral Hemorrhagic Disease 1 & 2 Annually (RABBIT)
  • Full Annual Flea Control Programme (DOG/CAT)
  • Full Annual Worming prevention/treatment Programme (DOG/CAT)
  • Full Annual Tick Prevention/Treatment Programme (DOG) (Cat is optional with Credelio tablet monthly)
  • One rearguard for Fly Strike prevention and 10% OFF additional treatments (RABBIT)
  • Discounted Microchipping
  • FREE nail clipping with a Nurse (charged with a vet)
  • FREE anal gland emptying with a Nurse (charged with a vet) (DOG/CAT)
  • 6 Monthly Health Examination with Nurse
  • 15% OFF Neutering and dental treatment
  • 10% OFF Vet fees, Medications, injections
  • 5% OFF all Diets and Loyalty Vouchers for Royal Canin diet
  • FREE bag of Western Timothy Hay on sign up and 5% for additional bags (RABBIT)
  • 15% OFF Blood testing in house lab only (external lab tests no discounts)



These box’s will fit through your letter box so you don’t even need to be home waiting for them to arrive.

Please contact us for more details.

How do I register?

The answer is “it’s easy!”

You can now sign up online here.  We will then be in touch to complete the rest.  https://bordenlanevets.easydirectdebits.co.uk/signup/welcome you can either select for Delivery or Collection.

All we need from you is your first monthly installment and we will dispense your first 3 months maximum of flea and worming treatments.  Young puppies and kittens we need to keep monitoring their weight for correct dosing.

Healthy Pet Club Terms and Conditions

Memberships are non-transferable. In the event that you wish to make any changes to your plan, please contact Ms Abbie Cooper or Mrs Laura Simpson (Practice Manager) on 01795 423227

All goods and services included in your plan must be collected within your membership year.

Your plan may be cancelled at any time by contacting us on 01795 423227. If your plan is cancelled within six months of joining, either by yourself or Animal Health Care/Easy Direct Debit, we reserve the right to reclaim the difference between the cost of goods and services dispensed and payments collected, including any Pet Health Club discounts given. Any outstanding balance must be settled within 10 days upon our request.

If you wish to cancel your plan and have been paying monthly by Direct Debit no monies are refundable. However if you wish to cancel and have paid in full at the time of joining, the remaining full months payments up until renewal will be refunded to you.  We are unable to dispense medication to an animal without it having been seen by a vet as the flea and worming treatments we use are Prescription Only medications.

It is understood that by completing and signing the Pet Health Club membership form that you agree to the above terms and conditions.